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Eye-tracking seminar

13.15-14.00 in the ET-seminar room (L412a), if not stated otherwise below. Texts should be sent in a platform-neutral format, such as PDF. Use our mailing list: Click to mail. If you plan to project a PPT or pdf, please send it to Skype participants before the seminar to make it easier for them to read.

Every seminar after 2011-11-18 is briefly presented on the blog and then sent out on the CCL mailing list.

Eye-tracking seminars and lectures elsewhere in Lund are also listed on this page with deviating times, such as 13-15, and marked (CCL), (MKV), etc.

Upcoming: Roger Johansson about a new pupil study; Andreas Falck about a continuation on the false belief tasks.


2017-03-10: Ignace Hooge: Human fixation detection: Is it good enough to serve as gold standard?

2017-02-24: LETA

2017-02-17: Fang Zhao about studies of learning, using biology, geography and comics material.


2016-12-09: 10-12 Nils Holmberg defends his thesis in the Pufendorf institute, ground floor, with Jessica Taylor Piotrovski as oppenent

2016-11-11: Melissa Vo - something with eye-tracking and scenes

2016-11-04: Dejan Draschkow: "Creeping up to the real-world: how memory during natural tasks is influenced by scene context and object interaction." with the abstract: "Having a detailed memory representation of critical objects and their locations is an essential part of active exploration. We rarely try to explicitly memorize our environment, much rather we go about exploring our surroundings, with the representation of it being generated incidentally. Furthermore, during exploration or search our goals are not always satisfied after finding the target, but often lead to a physical interaction with that target (e.g., picking up the keys we were looking for so desperately). I will discuss the impact of more natural forms of behaviour on long-term visual and working memory and argue that cognitive processes are strongly intertwined with our active interaction with the environment."

2016-09-09: Zenzi Griffin - How does planning speech change with practice?

2016-06-01: Nils Holmberg phd final seminar. We will discuss the dissertation manuscript, downloadable from this link. We meet in the Faculty club at SOL-Centre, 1-4 pm on Wednesday 1/6. Opponent is Ulrika Sjöberg, Malmö högskola. Department examiners are Tobias Olsson and Diederick C Niehorster.

2016-04-15: Centre on Autobiographical Memory Research (CON AMORE - Århus) about a newly aquired rich data set from infants and children (with a custom built Tobii set-up and finger pointing task using a tablet)




2016-03-18: Roy Hessels about the noise-resilient event detection algorithm with its flat line

2016-03-11: Ignace Hooge about their latest experiences with mobile eye tracking. He bought the pupil-labs eye tracker and they are working on a software for it.

2016-03-04: Linnéa Larsson's PhD defense, room E:1406 in E-huset LTH, Ole Römers väg 3. The thesis is entitled Event Detection in Eye-Tracking Data for Use in Applications with Dynamic Stimuli

2016-02-26: (AT 13.00 in H140 !!!!) Andreas Falck about 3-4-year olds' attention during a narrated false-belief story, including an implicit measure of belief understanding

2016-02-19: LETA

2016-02-15: (AT 13.00!!!) Esté Jordaan and Pheladi Fakude from NWU Vaal, South Africa

2016-02-12: Alex S. about the disfluency study with easy and difficult texts



2016-01-22: Ellen Kok about eye movements in studies of radiology

2016-01-15: Nils Holmberg about childrens visual search for known information in the presence of advertisements